At Labor Coop Connections, we are committed to building a more just and democratic economy through popular education, research, and bridge-building between organized labor and cooperative communities.  


Our work includes:

  • Labor/Coop education and workshop series

  • Coop Incubation--technical assistance for startups

  • Research on the labor movement, worker cooperatives, union-coop relations & the social economy

  • Consulting services for organizations and individuals working in the labor and cooperative sector

Colorado Worker Coop Academy  (in Spanish)

Nov 4th  10:00-1:00 pm

FAMA workshop Nov4_1.jpg

Podcast: Squid Game and S. Korea's Labor Movement: Minsun Ji Interviewed by Arts of Travel

squid game labor.jpg

Worker Coop Workshop Series

In partnership with Westwood Unidos

 Weds, Starting January 12,

11 am-1:30 PM

FAMA workshop Nov4_1.jpg

In Person Worker Coop Development Workshop:

Four Saturdays, 9-2 pm

Starting:  January 22nd

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Coop & Labor


Presentations, workshops, and tailored educational events regarding the cooperative movement and related strategies of worker empowerment



Individualized services to support worker coop startups.  Advising and technical support for cooperatives wishing to become a unionized workplace.

Social Economy


A wide range of popular educational materials, academic articles and books, and technical reports on cooperatives,the labor movement, and the social economy.


Organizational consulting services, drawing on decades of experience managing non-profits, directing university programs, and building worker-empowerment collaborations