Our Work

Worker Coop Academy

We offer a multi-week workshop series on how to launch and sustain worker cooperatives.   Our workshops cover topics ranging from the legal environment, effective business plans, fundraising and financial management strategies, leadership development issues, and models of worker governance.

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Popular Education

We provide popular education materials on the history and current strategies for grass-roots labor empowerment.   Our materials include accessible manuals on how to start a workers' cooperative, workshops on how to  unionize your coop, and youtube videos on social economy innovations.

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We are active scholars and writers in this field.  Links to our labor and social economy publications are provided below and on the research page of this website.  We are  happy to consider proposals for targeted research projects that would be of use to our local labor community.

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Coop Technical Assistance

We provide individualized technical assistance to worker cooperatives seeking to build start-up funding, develop a business plan, craft bylaws and governance model, unionize their workplace, and market their products/services.

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Drawing our long experience in labor organizing, non-profit management, and administration of university programs, we can provide  consulting services regarding labor and social economy issues.   We can help organizations build democratic and inclusive workplace environments, develop fund-raising campaigns, and build solidary relations across the labor community.

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Social Economy Tours

We have worked and taught amid the Denver labor, non-profit and social sector for decades.  Drawing on these experiences, we have developed a series of urban walking tours that highlight the challenges and grass-roots innovations emerging in Denver's core-city neighborhoods.  See the tour schedule below.

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