Research and Publications
by Dr. Minsun Ji

Principle Associate of Labor Coop Connections

Immigrant Worker Owned Cooperatives: A Users' Manual

This popular education booklet is meant to be a "users manual" for workers (especially immigrant workers) and their allies who may be thinking of organizing a worker owned cooperative as a worker empowerment strategy.

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Union-Worker Cooperative Relations in the United States and Korea

This paper examines to what extent union-cooperative partnerships might revitalize labor movements and identifies important factors shaping the nature of union-cooperative partnerships

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Taxi Co-ops vs. Uber:  Struggles for workplace democracy in the sharing economy (with C. Borowiak)

This article provides a comparative study of Uber and Lyft's impacts on taxi worker cooperatives in three cities: Philadelphia, Denver, and Austin. Its draws on interviews with drivers, regulators, and other transportation stakeholders to examine how platform economy workers struggle for workplace democracy.

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What Practitioners Need to Know:  A Book Review

This book review of No One Size Fits All summarizes how this volume covers diverse labor–community organizing strategies in the era of neoliberal globalization. Minsun Ji also contributed a chapter to the book, which covers
activists and scholars working on labor–
community issues and provides us with
concrete, up-to-date perspectives on labor
campaigns and strategies essential
to revitalizing the labor movement.

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Platform Economy Growth in the US and Responses to Protect Platform Workers

Platform workers, such as Uber drivers or food delivery workers, are an increasingly important part of the economy, yet they face challenges of workplace exploitation. This article examines the impact of the platform economy on workers and emerging strategies to organize platform cooperatives as a strategy of worker empowerment.


Hotel Bauen Worker Cooperative Faces Eviction

This news report from 2014 highlights the challenges that faced workers of the Buenos Aires Hotel Bauen, who had occupied and renovated an abandoned five star hotel in Buenos Aries after it went bankrupt.  These workers faced a eviction order to return the hotel to private ownership, after 11 years of successful operation of the hotel as a worker-owned coop.

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Employee Ownership and Employee Involvement at Work:  Case Studies

This article examines the labor-empowerment potential of emerging taxi driver cooperative-union partnerships.  The article presents a case study of taxi driver organizing in Denver (CO), utilizing narrative inquiry, and survey and interviews with 69 drivers.

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Democratizing Capital: Building Union Coop Partnerships Through Economically Targeted Investing and
Crowdfunding Innovations

This chapter in the recently published book--Cooperatives and Social Innovation--explores how recent policy innovations in equity crowdfunding laws across the world, together with technological innovations (e.g., the expansion of social media and the rise of internet investment portals), have opened new paths for social innovation through a democratized deployment of investment capital by
worker cooperative advocates.

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El Centro Humanitario:  Denver's Humanitarian Center for Day Laborers (by T. Robinson, et. al.)

This popular education manual tells the story of how a democratically governed center for immigrant day laborers came to a strong advocacy center for immigrant workers in Denver.  Minsun Ji was the founder and long-time executive director of this center during the time covered by the booklet.

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